The Road We Must Travel

Electric transport cuts harmful emissions, noise and air pollution. Corporates must lead the movement to alternatives.

Business Travel

Businesses own over 50% of all registered vehicles on the road.

Dusty Trail

The transport sector accounts for 23% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Smoke Screen

Vehicles on the road contribute maximum to air and noise pollution.

If Not Us, Who?

Sustainability is not just the latest buzzword. For organizations and for the individual, sustainability ensures we meet the needs of the present without compromising the wellbeing of future generations. It supports ecological balance, human needs, economic health and vitality. We all know natural resources are finite and are to be used judiciously. How many of us are ready to commit to working on achieving the much-needed balance of environmental stewardship, social responsibilities and economic growth? WE ARE.

EV100 is a global initiative bringing together companies pushing the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). The shared vision is to make electric transport the new normal by 2030. The goal is ambitious, grand, seemingly impossible but must be achieved. Who believes this is the audacious path we must travel? WE DO.

Corporate Agenda

Mass adoption of electric vehicles will address the largest segment of fossil-fuel based vehicles and aim for maximum bang for the buck.

Following the World

Globally, shared vehicles will be the norm by 2030. Making them electric is a step in the right direction.

The Policy Push

As demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure increases, the Indian Government is ready to deliver.


We drive you to work, and home! rydS is the choice of mobility for every individual and organisation committed to a shared, sustainable and connected community.

Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport in the world by providing the communities we live in and serve by, with a choice of clean, safe and responsible transport.

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