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We are here to change the way you impact your planet.

Fleet Power

Compared to a traditional ride, an electric vehicle (EV) can save 2062 kiloliters of diesel and 6006 tons of carbon gas emissions, just by replacing 50% of our existing fleet.

Daily rydS

Make rydS a habit and
you save up to 266 litres
of diesel per month
and reduce your
carbon footprint
by 715

Social Cost

Every ton of carbon dioxide generated causes $220 or Rs. 15,000 in social costs- the cost of reduced agricultural output, increased health issues and the cost of global warming.

Why Us

In early 2003, process was not a word commonly associated with private transport. Schoolchildren and office-goers were often ferried by vehicle aggregators who took up the job on a contract basis and delivered services. Baghirathi was started with an aim to disrupt this landscape.

We pioneered the concept of driver-partners and ensured that every staff member took the responsibility of safely transporting thousands of people every single day. With driver lounges for refreshments, GPS tracked buses and optimized routes, we offered safe, organised and comfortable travel.

We are committed to you and our planet and its future. rydS is our way of showing just how much.

Why rydS?

With rydS, we are taking another step into the future of mobility- electric vehicles. As compared to a traditional ride, an electric vehicle (EV) can save 2062 kilolitres of diesel and 6006 tons of carbon gas emissions, just by replacing 50% of our existing fleet.

rydS is the new smart way to travel. With electric vehicles on the road, the noise generated by fuel engines is gone, so you can look forward to a comfortable, silent ride. 

Every time you take rydS, you reduce your monthly carbon footprint by 715 kilograms. By saving emissions, you are directly contributing to a sustainable future.

With 1000 rydS about to hit the roads over the next few years, we have turned the key and started the journey. The smart, shared, sustainable journey.

Why Blue?

Our cars are blue and stand out in a sea of vehicles. Millions of years ago, all life began in the oceans. Today, we are a consumer-driven economy and our oceans are the first places that bear the brunt of the  damage.

Plastic items as small as straws and as large as chairs have been found stuck in ocean reefs, disturbing the delicate atmosphere that marine life needs to survive. Our blue cars serve as a reminder that this is the perfect time to make a change- a change in our mindset, a change in habits and a positive change in how we do business. After all, we live on the ‘blue planet’ for a reason!

Closer home, Blue brings us together. 

The Navy blue colour of the Ashoka Chakra placed in the centre of the white strip of National Flag represents the colour of sky and ocean , the universal truth.

And of course, as a cricket-loving nation, we Bleed Blue!

Why S?

S is for sustainability. S is for shared mobility. S is for smart solutions. S is for a safer future. rydS aims to make transport by electric vehicles not just the new norm, but also a solution that makes business sense.

Good for the planet, good for your business, and good for you.


We drive you to work, and home! rydS is the choice of mobility for every individual and organisation committed to a shared, sustainable and connected community.

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Why EV

Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport in the world by providing the communities we live in and serve by, with a choice of clean, safe and responsible transport.

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